Cambios en aeropuerto y meteorological

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Cambios en aeropuerto y meteorological

Mensaje por maken el Sáb Mayo 25, 2013 7:53 am

Hola k ase comunitarios

Hoy han anunciado lo que sera el próximo parche, un cambio visual y de loot en aeropuerto aunque también quieren hacerlo en meteorological y en un futuro en los pueblos de esa zona, han llegado a la obvia conclusión de que no merecía la pena explorar esa parte de mapa por peligro/recompensa y han decidido cambiarla, e aquí el post oficial y las nuevas imágenes !

Un resumen de lo que explican sobre aeropuerto:
Esta modificado visualmente de lo que fue la resistencia militar la cual no pudieron aguantar la oleada de zombies.
En las imágenes podréis observar dicha devastación, los cuerpos muertos que yacen en el suelo y los intentos de barricadas que no llegaron a soportar tal ataque.

Post oficial:

Hello all!

I know I've been a bit quiet on the forums of late, but it was for a good reason! I've been a busy busy dev (well we all have) and wanted to take some time to catch you up on whats been going on.

The first issue I wanted to tackle, while the rest of the design team and art was toiling away on California, was the fun factor in Colorado. Personally, I really love the western part of the map. From the partially flooded and destroyed Boulder, to the downed plane at the airport, and the firebombed town of Glenwood Springs, its pretty awesome, and our team did a seriously kickass job creating a special and visually involving space.

However, no one goes west of Castle Pine, so they never get to enjoy it. So my first question was, obviously, why? wasn't much of a question. Anyone who's spent any time in game or on the forums can tell you it just isn't worth the time. Whether it be the sub par loot in Boulder, or the lack of a western safe settlement, or whatever, it just isn't worth ones time to venture all the way out to, say, the Meterological station.

The risk far outweighed the reward.

Step 1 of my plan is to take the already interesting airport and meteorological station, and give them a serious makeover.

For the airport, my thought was that perhaps the original western safe settlement was setup in the airport hangars, until they were overrun. The military then stepped in, until they were also unable to hold out.

There's only one entrance, at the parking lot - once inside, there are a few exit points, but a horde of zombies stand between you and them. Its a hefty commitment, but it will definitely be worth it!

You can choose to go through the safe settlement first, its sole entrance shown here:

Where the survivors faced a brutal end

And used up the last of their supplies defending the women and children..

Or you can brave the military outpost, though watch out for sleepers. The undead here haven't had a good meal in ages (/cheesy)

The way that this area is setup, so long as you're thorough in your zombie slaying, you should be able to progress before the zeds begin spawning behind you. I strongly recommend not turning back though!

The new airport is basically done, pending some balancing, and should be ready for the next patch.

I'm looking at giving other areas west of Castle Pine a similar treatment (as well as balancing the loot in Boulder). While its quite a journey to venture that far out, if you can make it out alive, I guarantee you'll be all the richer for it.

And thats what I've been working on recently. You'll also notice a number of bug fixes (which we'll list in the next batch of patch notes), and in a few weeks we'll hopefully be doing a sneak peek of California for you!

Have fun and stay alive!

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