Nuevo mapa y forma de juego en WARZ

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Nuevo mapa y forma de juego en WARZ

Mensaje por maken el Miér Mayo 22, 2013 10:54 pm

Hola gentuza !

Por lo que se ve van a sacar un mapa nuevo!
Es un mapa pequeño, de un tamaño de jugadores limitado, consiste en que todos aparecerán en el medio del mapa (respawn) básicamente cuando eliges defender un sitio, dos veces al día llegaran oleadas de zombies a atacar ese punto y cada vez mas difícil, a medida de que se vaya volviendo mas difícil el loot aumentara no solo en cantidad si no también en rareza, también podras abandonar o salir a explorar otros edificios, aunque es muy arriesgado por la cantidad de zombies que abran, el loot posiblemente merezca la pena, posiblemente este tipo de juego sera PVE, todavía esta por decidir.
Por ahora están viendo como lo van a crear, la gente ya a posteado sus ideas y han elegido lo mas adecuado, a mi opinión tiene pinta de estar tremendisimo.

Post original :

Hello fellow Survivors!

We've been discussing a new game mode and wanted to see what you thought about it.

The basic idea is that we'll release a smaller map, with a limited number of available slots, that will have regular zombie 'assaults'. Basically, the players will spawn in a relatively safe area near the center of the map, and at different predetermined times (say twice a day) waves of zombies will begin spawning, and attacking the players, wherever they've decided to defend.

These waves will increase in difficulty, with later waves dropping increasingly better gear.

Players can use their own gear, or risk moving outside the 'safe' area to grab loot from item spawns in hostile territory.

If you can manage to survive through these waves, the reward will be great. But it won't be easy.

We also considered making these servers PvE, so that there will be no player versus player combat, and the focus is on surviving against the zombie threat.

Additionally, players would be able to rent these servers, but for a reduced time and price - just a week at a time, for example.

What are your thoughts? We're open to any/all feedback here. I'll keep the thread open as long as I can, and collate the data after a few hours.

UPDATE: Folks, please keep the feedback to the topic at hand - yes/no is good, but it'd be great if you could tell us why this works/doesn't work, or what else we could add/change to make it work better.

UPDATE2: Again, to clarify - while the option to rent will be included, we would host servers for this mode as well.

FINAL UPDATE: Locking the thread, as we've received plenty of feedback. Thanks to those who contributed constructively to the discussion, we've got a lot to consider regarding this mode.

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